Early Oak Furniture

Early Oak Furniture

Early Furniture is a key specialism at The Pedestal.
The Oak Furniture category spans the period circa 1500 - circa 1700, predominantly English, but not exclusively and typically includes chests, joined stools, panel-back armchairs, tester beds, cupboards, tables and chests of drawers as well as the dresser, farmhouse table and Windsor chair from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Early sculpture, objects and Folk art are also handled by the Early Furniture Department. Oak furniture has always been a firm favourite for those living in early period homes but also working particularly well in smaller cottage interiors and even in city homes.

Although a market that has long attracted serious collectors alongside those simply furnishing, early oak is considered by many to to sit very comfortably alongside 20th century art and in the minimalist setting. Collectors may choose to buy items with a distinct regional flavour (for example Yorkshire or Gloucestershire items) or have a collecting theme of unusual items or pieces from the reign of a particular monarch.

The variety of items to be found is hugely varied, including items with very busy carved decoration, more restrained pieces and those with or without marquetry - although typically well-patinated items remain what many buyers seek out. Our specialists will be happy to guide you through either selling pieces, adding to or starting a collection.

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