Fine Furniture

Fine Furniture

Our Moor Park auctions and our Buy Now Shop offer a wide selection of fine furniture.
This can range from early veneered furniture and japanned items from the 17th and early 18th centuries to high style Regency furniture and the finest 19th century pieces.
The course of furniture design and production in Europe involved both bold innovation and rampant revivalism leaving a huge and varied legacy of different styles from across the continent.

Recent sales have included furniture by or attributed to leading British makers including Thomas Pistor, Coxed and Woster, John Belchier, Thomas Chippendale, Ince and Mayhew, Gillows, Seddon and Collinson & Lock.
European Furniture consignments range from painted and marquetry furniture to opulent gilt bronze mounted pieces. The technical developments in production in the 19th century mean that we see some of the highest quality products coming out of Paris in the second half of the 19th century and the dominance of Parisian cabinet-makers such as François Linke and Henry Dasson whose work remains hotly contested in today’s market.

Our specialists have a strong background in European furniture and during their careers have handled everything from museum quality Augsburg cabinets,Roentgen marquetry pieces, documented Chippendale furniture through to one-off commissions by Jacques-Emile Ruhlman.

We handle furniture of all periods from large library bookcases or extending dining tables to settees and single side chairs, pairs of bedside tables or small side tables. Antique mirrors remain a popular part of the furniture inventory, from early cushion frame mirrors to Victorian overmantels.

Our specialists will be delighted to advise you on either buying or selling, offering advice to the serious collector or decorator looking for statement pieces.